Ken Clements aka Kenny Hooper, an artist whose legacy stems from the vibrant music scene of Detroit, Michigan, has joined the roster of Elypsia Records.

His solo career adds to his joint projects with "Trackmasta Lou" (Scan 7) and "The AM" (Ann Marie Teasley of HXL 1), showcasing his affinity for techno, house, and electro.

His discography, in conjunction with renowned record labels such as KMS, 4-Christ, Transmat, Heist, Seclusion, and Underground Resistance, highlights his contributions to the original Detroit music scene.

Many of the elements of the Kenny Hooper sound derive from artists such as Terry Parker, Theo Ratliff, Mike Banks, Kenny Dixon aka "Moodymann" and D.J. Maaco. Motivated by his Detroit identity sound, there is a passion to leave a legacy by continuing to create a sound that is his own.

His philosophical take to describe his style of music is quoted as "attending church on Sunday mornings then clubbing on Saturday nights". His electronic music is deeply rooted in gospel music, from which he first drew inspiration while playing drums at the age of three.